Flattened by a slew of hurricanes in 2004, West Palm Beach was formerly a mecca for customers of Armani Exchange, over-priced ice cream, and plastic surgery. Now known as the underwater city of Palm Beach.
Funk. West Palm Beach is so cool you have to spend your life savings on scuba gear just to get a fucking hamburger.
by cvantez September 26, 2004
1. A really NORMAL place to live.

2. A place that mental people rat about hamburger and ice cream prices on on urban dictionary

1. I live in West Palm Beach, and i dont know anyone who has gotten shot, murdered, or raped.

2. Some City Ice Cream Vendor: 1.59 per ice cream!
West Palm Ice Cream Vendor; 1.60 per ice cream!
by bobby brown! April 12, 2007
Its Str8 around here basically 2 types of weed Reggs(Dirt Weed)5 bucks a nick 10 a dime 35 a half ounce 65 an ounce and theres Krippy(Fire Shit)25 a half eighth 50 an eighth 100 a quarter..downtown cityplace looks nice and rich but alot of goons and people muggin people alot of black men with oversiozed black tees baggy girbaud jeans tucked into ther socks with ugly black shoes and skinny nappy dreads with grills
o man i wanna go to west palm beach

naw man its bad but they hav sum fire krip
by louiekripweedman August 05, 2008
the most boring place in the world. nothing is here. cityplace is the most excitment you are going to get, and its not much. The mall is gross. no good bands ever play here, one must go all the way to freaking revolution to catch a good show. recently black people are trying to make it seem like "da 561" is a tough place. it's really not. just boring.
man i hate living in west palm beach, its so boring.
by lame kid May 16, 2007
a boot leg miami that has rich people who think they live in the hood
White guy:"Yeh 561 West Palm Beach all day.Man i live in the hood cause 1 black guy lives in my neighbor hood"
Black guy:"Man this guy really has to go to Miami so he could get cursed out in Spanish"
by D.P81 March 15, 2008

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