California, Washington and Oregon is to small to really count, but gotta respec their allegiance, we love yall there. West Sides the best side. All yall haytas on the weak east coast sayin yall got higher test scores an lower crime rate an got mo money, its cuz you weak shorty. Dont need grammer cuz none of it don't matter, low crime rates aint nothing to brag about, just means your gangs is weak an you dont need money when you got homies straight outa compton, oakland, baldwin, lbc, temcla, diego, an the list goes on. Better start respectin cuz no place better.
Tupac Amaru Shakur, the greatest rapper of all time, showed puff, biggie an everyone else at bad boyz that the west coasts the best side.
by west side pride1 May 17, 2009
The side that speaks coherently? Isn't this the region of the country that nearly destroyed the English language by making the extragrammatical use of the word "like" trendy?
The Elf is a typical West Coast retard.
by west side is worst side January 10, 2006
n. Slang for Ritalin, the counter-hyperactivity drug.
Give me some west coast, I need to pass this driving test down at the DMV on the OBC.
by Smkngmgc June 20, 2004
west side the best side fuck nyc fuck tha hole east coast yall can suck a dick up till u hick up
west side the best side my44 make sho all youll kids dont grow fake ass muthafuckin east coast pussies fuckin levas
by lostone February 28, 2005
Fake tan, valley girls, imitators, fake ppl, wanab gangstas, rich vineyards. Everything started on the East Coast and the West coast just imitated it. Tupac was born on the East Coast but it was the West Coast that made him paranoid and a sellout. If you can recall the West Coast started all the rivalry between the 2 coasts b/c of a producer startin sh** and settin ppl up. The West made Pac believe something that wasn't true wen ppl from the East were the ones that were really REAL all along. THE WEST COAST IS WHAT KILLED PAC! And really it was the West Coast that made Tupac talented because that is where he went to performing arts schools, started dancin poetry and actin, and performed in plays. The ppl on the West should get their facts straight. They are obviously ignorant b/c they know nothing of hiphop/rap and just imitate the East and think they know about the East when really everything they say about the East is incorrect except for road rage drivers and women with fat asses (lol). The East started the dope game, but learned how to organize it to lower crime rates(getting caught). The west brags about being high in crime wen 1st off that isnt a good thing and 2nd there is more crime over all on the East. West is high in crime b/c they dont know how to go about their sh**, they are crackheads, pedofiles, and they shoot people. From the words of a West coast rapper, "a b**** wit a gun aint a man to mean. Thas a animal, f***in cannibal." but if these gang members were caught alone and w/o a gun they would sh** in their pants except for a select few. They couldnt touch somebody from the East. There is more night life on the East Coast, all the West is good for is South Cali and good trees b/c its legal. This coast would not be where it is if it werent for copyin, commercialzin, stealin everything from 3000 miles away to the east, which has better culture, food, activities, etc. and the West just has somewhat better weather in SOME areas. And actually many people move to the east, including the West and many people outside of the US. The east is more athletic and makes more athletes. We make the talent and yall just take them, but remember where they got it from..
West Coast: We real on the east coast and our shit dont stink...

East Coast: So where did you get hiphop/rap from? Who started the dope game and why do yall have so many basers now? Who started the clothing trends? Why did u set up one of the best rappers alive? What happens when you alone w/o a gun? Why do yall get caught? Who started everything that you are doing now? Why do yall get surgery so much to look like certain ppl(east coast wit coke shaped bottles that u talk so badly about)?

West Coast:....

East Coast:East coast. East coast. East coast. b/c yall r pussies afraid of competition from the generics. u run. u dont kno how to handle ur sh**. East coast. b/c u secretly envy wat we look like b/c u r either 2 fat or 2 skinny. and so much more!!!
by jungleeyez369 May 30, 2009
Region with lower test scores, higher crime rates, and higher obesity rates than the East Coast. Where people spend millions to build homes precariously perched on hillsides, only to have them swept away in a mudslide or burned down in a forest fire a few years later and then rebuilt. Worst urban sprawl in the world, contributing to unprecedented environmental destruction and attributed in part to a car culture that keeps the U.S. in OPEC's pocket. Go to British Columbia and everything is instantly nicer.
New York alone is more energy-efficient than Seattle or Portland, and has lower crime and obesity rates than any major city on the West Coast.

The Elf doesn't know what he's talking about.
by Teh truth will ownz j00 January 08, 2006
That which wouldn't be what it is now were it not for the fact that it stole — errr, copied — and commercialized — err, made profitable — everything about its superior counterpart 3,000 miles over to the right.

The East Coast has better architecture, better culture, better food...the West Coast has better weather. End of story.
"Hip-hop started out in the heart/Now everybody tryin' to chart." ~ Lauryn Hill

West Coast, don't hate because hip-hop started on the East Coast. We did it first and did it best.

Tupac: once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.
by Teh truth will ownz j00 October 04, 2005

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