Fake tan, valley girls, imitators, fake ppl, wanab gangstas, rich vineyards. Everything started on the East Coast and the West coast just imitated it. Tupac was born on the East Coast but it was the West Coast that made him paranoid and a sellout. If you can recall the West Coast started all the rivalry between the 2 coasts b/c of a producer startin sh** and settin ppl up. The West made Pac believe something that wasn't true wen ppl from the East were the ones that were really REAL all along. THE WEST COAST IS WHAT KILLED PAC! And really it was the West Coast that made Tupac talented because that is where he went to performing arts schools, started dancin poetry and actin, and performed in plays. The ppl on the West should get their facts straight. They are obviously ignorant b/c they know nothing of hiphop/rap and just imitate the East and think they know about the East when really everything they say about the East is incorrect except for road rage drivers and women with fat asses (lol). The East started the dope game, but learned how to organize it to lower crime rates(getting caught). The west brags about being high in crime wen 1st off that isnt a good thing and 2nd there is more crime over all on the East. West is high in crime b/c they dont know how to go about their sh**, they are crackheads, pedofiles, and they shoot people. From the words of a West coast rapper, "a b**** wit a gun aint a man to mean. Thas a animal, f***in cannibal." but if these gang members were caught alone and w/o a gun they would sh** in their pants except for a select few. They couldnt touch somebody from the East. There is more night life on the East Coast, all the West is good for is South Cali and good trees b/c its legal. This coast would not be where it is if it werent for copyin, commercialzin, stealin everything from 3000 miles away to the east, which has better culture, food, activities, etc. and the West just has somewhat better weather in SOME areas. And actually many people move to the east, including the West and many people outside of the US. The east is more athletic and makes more athletes. We make the talent and yall just take them, but remember where they got it from..
West Coast: We real on the east coast and our shit dont stink...

East Coast: So where did you get hiphop/rap from? Who started the dope game and why do yall have so many basers now? Who started the clothing trends? Why did u set up one of the best rappers alive? What happens when you alone w/o a gun? Why do yall get caught? Who started everything that you are doing now? Why do yall get surgery so much to look like certain ppl(east coast wit coke shaped bottles that u talk so badly about)?

West Coast:....

East Coast:East coast. East coast. East coast. b/c yall r pussies afraid of competition from the generics. u run. u dont kno how to handle ur sh**. East coast. b/c u secretly envy wat we look like b/c u r either 2 fat or 2 skinny. and so much more!!!
by jungleeyez369 May 30, 2009
Top Definition
cali; tha west side of tha US;
im movin to los angeles over on tha westcoast

westcoast is tha best coast
by jojo August 13, 2003
The better side of the United States. The people, music, clothing and just about everything else is more laid back.
Why do you think people move to the west coast and not the east?
by Muhahahanafawnabanana June 20, 2005
The better half of the U.S. with breathtaking natural beauty, people who speak coherently, and technological superiority, with better weather, more attractive people, and a higher I.Q. Compare to the backwards living in the past east coast
Everyone knows the west coast is better, thats why so many people move out here.
by The Elf December 18, 2005
1. The Western coast of the US, ie, Washington, Oregon and California; Alaska and Hawaii if you're technical.
2. One side in a retarded rap conflict over nothing. The other side is the East Coast. I really don't know why they're fighting.
West coast rappers and East Coast rappers allow themselves to be divided and fight over garbage. They're all millionaires anyway, so what's the point?
by darkstar67 May 08, 2005
West Coast of the U.S. including mainly Oregon, Washington, and California. Known for major cities such as Seattle, L.A. and Portland. What makes it different? The absolute love of coffee, the beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, multi-cultural surroundsing, emerging talents Fashion design, Art, photography, Journalism. An over all love for art, people, and acoustic music. We've got hippies , beach bums, artists, and corporate buisness leaders galore.
When you come to seattle, you're also visiting almost every other country in the world. We've got an international district that is four times more populated then the entire state of montana.

Population of Montana - 250,000
Population of the International District in Seattle - 1 million.

West coast, is the best coast.
by Tara0505 February 15, 2006
california, washington, hawaii

the west coast os the U.S.
where the true gangstas live

the ghettos of all ghettos in the U.S. are in cali
by Cali OG January 07, 2005
taylor racine and spooky gotta be some white boyz. i live in san francisco and anybody who knows hip hop knows tupac was born in new york. but he got his game right here on the west coast where real g's stay.
Yo dumbass, tupac was born in new york. But he rep'd west coast to the fullest.
by ez duzz February 20, 2004
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