A place where made men settle down amongst beautiful vegetation. Here they're able to follow their pursuits at their leisure. Quitness, serenity and seclusion are the prime benefits of a large, comfortable home in the British Properties. It is a place for rennaiscance men, and family men to unite. West Vancouver is about great food, wine and golfing. Many generations have lived here and prospered under the beautiful sunlight which is filtered through the trees. If one word could be used to summarize West Vancouver, it would be halcyon. It is a place where people of all diferent backgrounds can live in relative peace. West Vancouver is as much about lazy sundays spent by the fire, as it is about all night house parties. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of their living arrangements. For some it is a 5000sq foot home, while for others it is enough to live in a one-bedroom appartment or even a camper van. May god continue to bless this sanctuary from the horrors of downtown, and may many more generations of confident, self-motivated and athletic youth be raised here under their guiding taunts from their fathers. As well, may god continue to bless us with grippy tires on our comfortably sized sport ute's. And finaly, may he serve justice to those who come here without the purist of intentions.
West Vancouver is an array of foilage colors, changing with the season. From the clouds and darkness of the winter, to the bright blue sky and magnificant colors of summer, to the fading gold sunlight trickling down through the branches above in the fall.
by Daniel Ji March 24, 2007
A suburb of the city of Vancouver; This is a place where the people think they're better than everyone else. It's funny that they think they're richer, and that their houses are the biggest and most expensive, because that's home to NORTH VANCOUVER. Guess what, in West Vancouver you'll pay for a crappy house worth shit but said to be in a good location. Where as in North Vancouver you'll actually get a house worth your money.
West Vancouver children are pussies.
by Allegra Matheson May 08, 2008

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