The hoppin-est, most happenin hood in all the east coast
Yo, reppin the corner of MaCdill and Kennedy, west tampa fo like mu'fucka
by shiv June 01, 2004
Top Definition
One of the dirtiest, shittiest neighborhoods in Tampa, Florida. Home to a lot of abandoned houses, old cigar factories, and Cuban sandwich spots. About 3 miles from downtown. The community is predominantly Hispanic although there is a higher ratio of blacks as you move closer to downtown. West Tampa is one of Tampa's historic districts along with Tampa Heights, Ybor City, Hyde Park, and Seminole Heights. West Tampa is Tampa's 2nd oldest neighborhood behind Tampa Heights. Crime can get pretty bad in West Tampa; drugs, violence, theft, etc. Don't go outside at night, don't make any unnecessary eye contact with anybody, and keep your doors locked!
Tommy got his chain snatched in West Tampa. He should've known better but he had to learn the hard way.
by Zambookie June 20, 2014
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