Make the west side symbol with your hand and then insert your fingers into the female's vag and ass....You're probably wondering what you do with the other finger....well you just make your own god damn hole!
That west side thriller I gave Rachel was so decent but too bad it bled a lot.

Oh my god that west side thriller that Bryan gave me was amazing...and the whole he made wasn't even that big!
by Bpolti n' zk September 28, 2005
Top Definition
Placing your hands in the {west side symbol} then deliberatley stick them into a woman's pussy 'n corn hole...

You're probably wondering what you do with the other finger...

Well you just simply use it as a clit tickler..
Dude i gave Rachel the west side thriller the other night and her orgasm had to be the best I've ever heard in my life, and she really complimented me on my smooth fingers.
by BPolti n' zk October 12, 2005
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