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a small beach town where you are hated by every other town in connecticut. Has a good part and a bad part (west shore and ......) Full of drug addicts and straight edge fags. Everyone who lives there never gets out and will grow up and die there along with everyone else in their family. The cops are fuck heads and are corrupt as hell. a small percent of west haven are actual decent nice white middle class people. West shore is where its at. Ocean Ave. Captain Thomas Blvd. and Elm st. On a given weekend night you can find the town of west haven at Pilot wendy's in milford and they are all either wasted.. high off their ass.. or trying to start a fight with anyone available. commonly known as "waste haven" but they like to call it "wasted haven" best party town ever and the realest people you will ever know. know one in the world is like a west havener ... its very hard to be new in the town or be a person trying to chill with them from another town. it wont be good ..youll end up jumped. The football team used to be the shit and now is shit. and bomb threats at the highschool are a normal everyday thing. Chick's and that beach get bombarded durring the summer by the out of towners who talk the most shit about west haven.. yet they go to the shittiest part of the beach..
west haven night life is south st.

downtown new haven on thursday nights.
by wastedhaven May 03, 2009
Small town in southern CT. Often referred to as waste haven but not quite. can be a bad place if you find the bad spot there are good areas in west haven though.
I hope she's not from the wrong side of west haven. she might be a bad kid
by S. A. Sobriety March 18, 2009
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