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west coast:rap that is on the west coast. Its not like southern rap southern rap is usually party music this is real shit they talk about gang related activity and being a real muthafucking g. west coast rap includes legends like Eazy- E the realest nigga to ever rap. Fuck G- Unit. Tupac was a west coast rapper along with the Outlaws. Nowadays it's mainly The Game left on the west coast. Lil Eazy- E wich is Eazy- E son is getting big. he claims he doesnt want to go big because its for the fakes like The Game.
west coast rap is real

Tupac: (Hit Em Up)

"West Side when we ride come equipped with game you claim to be a playa but i fucked your wife we bust on bad boys niggas fuck fo life."
by walla March 01, 2007
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