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a black person that acts educated and polite in most situations, but then suddenly turns ghetto in the presence of niggerdom and speaks only in ebonics
Watching Grey's Anatomy, Terrell is fine, but everytime we go re-up, he's such a werenigger.
by A Wayne Brady September 07, 2012
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A white person who acts like a stereotypical "white person" the majority of the time, but has periods of stereotypical "black" behavior: such as an unquenchable thirst for fried chicken and an irresistible urge to steal bikes and fornicate with overweight white women who have pierced eyebrows and daddy issues, as if tantalized by the light of the full moon, much like the were-wolf of European lore.
John seems normal at first, but I've known him a long time, you should see him practically drinking KFC when the full moon comes out... total Were-Nigger, watch out.
by Marten Turner June 28, 2010
10 0
an unstoppable army that will only be defeated when the chosen one summons drawalrus. one can be transformed into a were-nigger at 12 midnight, after eating friend chicken, watching black porn, and having the correct ammount of prestige in your ear.
i totally just saw drawalrus pwn the were-niggers
by livewire93 January 01, 2011
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