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you cant notice the weregay when the clock strikes 12am and a friend of yours becomes extreamly gay. there will be touching, staring, giggling, and more touching. He will not be afraid to put his ass on you or sit closer then normal. T%he look in his eyes can tell you that at this point no women can satisfiy his needs, only a man can.
Vin touching me
is it past 12
oh weregay
by Big-T November 05, 2004
that's when you're only gay under a full moon.
"I didn't know Andrew was gay?"
"He's only half gay. Half gay, half mystical cock creature of the night, the weregay."
by h. sliss February 06, 2007
Similar to a werewolf, a weregay is a man or woman who is straight during normal hours of the day, but at night turns homosexual due to intoxication or sleep deprivation. Often time this results in same sex cuddling or other homosexual actions.
"I thought Mike was straight, but last night I discovered he was a weregay when I found him cuddled with Evan, watching the Notebook."
by fullmoonguy October 04, 2011
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