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A creature that is both a cow and a horse and can change form between them at will. A scourge to western ranchers were-cows are not tasty, fun to ride, or produce milk. They also have been known to develop a taste for human flesh, and are deadly in both cow and horse form. Were-cows can change both cows and horses into were-cows by there bite. Were-cows are spreading. Beware the were-cow menace.
"Hey, wasn't that cow a horse earlier."
"Keep your distance... that isn't a cow, it's a were-cow"
by Statik5 February 03, 2010
A seemingly ordinary woman who morphs into a horrible monster once a month.
er... i'd better be going now, i have to get home befor it turns into a werecow
by cocksmoke December 16, 2004
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