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A hot, thirty-something actor that plays Michael on Prison Break. He's also been in a bunch of Mariah Carey comeback videos, done some modeling, and was in the Human Stain playing a younger Anthony Hopkins.
He's half white and half black and he's got the same name as his dad. He studied English at Princeton meaning he's probably the smartest hot guy you'll ever meet.
Girl 1: Did you see Prison Break last night?!
Girl 2: Yea, Wenty looked so cute in his prison uniform!
Girl 1: Sigh.. I wish Wentworth Miller would date me but he's like in his freaking thirties and people are starting to think he's gay.
Girl 2: GAY?!
Girl 1: Cuz he doesn't have a girlfriend, duh!
by teli April 05, 2006
Wentworth Miller (born June 2, 1972) is a Golden Globe nominated, British-born American actor.
Miller is most know for his role in the Fox TV-series 'Prison Break', in which he plays the part of Michael Scofield, a structural engineer determined to get his brother, who's been framed for murder, out of jail.
Apart from being a very good actor and a definate hottie, Miller is very intelligent (he graduated from Princeton University with a degree in English literature), and a good singer: he sang with Princeton's capella group, the Princeton Tigertones.
Girl: "Woo, Wentworth Miller is so hot!"
Girl #2: "I know, totally! And smart, and talented! What more could you wish for?"
Girl: "Ehh.. for him not to be twice my age?"
by MickyNL April 01, 2008
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