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Name/Person - A very unimportant bastard. Any man known by the name Wenczar, even though almost none of the readers of this site even have a friend named Wenczar, is very lonely and lacks attention. He is desperate enough to resort to making up false stories that would boost his popularity but ultimately makes him even worse. His looks are extremely unappealling and the opposite sex would go to such lengths in avoiding him.

Verb - Wenczing

1. When one would get so personal and attached to a person he/she doesn't even know well.

ex: I saw that dude flirting with Sofia last night, he was Wenczing omg. Sofia doesn't even know him.

2. When someone tries extremely hard to be 'cool' but is hated by everyone around him. At the same time, he also does things he finds popular and is desperate for friends and attention.
ex: God dammit, stop Wenczing. Nobody thinks you're cool okay? So stop pretending to love Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, One Direction, etc. when you don't even know about any of them.
Don't do Wenczing. No person on earth would possibly actually think you're cool, or that you're actually normal. If you continue to wencz, you will become a Wenczar.
by Se├▒or Alphabuttcrack October 01, 2013
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