A Toothless carckhead.
That wench on Federal HWY needs to get some teeth.
by Kara K. March 20, 2006
A word that two pig-loving muppets used to describe the two most gorge girls in the year, when trying to insult them they didint even know what it meant!
"Fiona and Charlotte are a pair of wenches-oink oink!"
by Char and Fi March 18, 2005
Wraiths, Ghosts (Ground Wenches), Banshees (Sky Wenches), Scorpions (Big Metal Wenches).

Anything that is not a fine vessel.
"Yarrr there be a wench over yonder"
"Shit, Sky Wench!"
by Fredex December 15, 2004
to describe a woman/donkey when you are a pirate
yarr tis a fine wench
by rich the l33t May 02, 2003
a group of girls who populate Look its me LIM chat on a regular basis.
"you know that country/baby/blonde/durham wench?"
by Helsiee May 08, 2005
a very muscled woman (hench being over-muscled, wench is the feminine form)
1. wow...check out that wench
2. me
by lucy india March 05, 2006
from beer wench, kiss slut for beer wenched out by a wench master
lex is that wench samma's wench master
by anon June 21, 2004

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