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a young female shipmate who belongs to a pirate for his own demands
that nice pretty harlot in the dark room is quite the wench
by Britt Britt September 11, 2005
Modern definitions of wench:

1. Girlfriend

2. A whipped man

3. An asshole
Guy A: "Hey man you're not seeing the wench again tonight are you?" (1)
Guy B: "Yeah"
Guy A: "Oh my god you're such a wench" (2)
Guy B: "Shut up wench" (3)
by captain jack July 22, 2006
/*In the definition the word "usally" is used. I think this is supposed to be spelt "usually".*/

A (young) woman who often ingages in sexual activities with more than one person, not at the same time. Or a woman who is rather bitchy towards other people.
"That wench slept with three of my boyfriends."
by KezRah February 19, 2005
a young woman
by Anonymous December 30, 2002
A Toothless carckhead.
That wench on Federal HWY needs to get some teeth.
by Kara K. March 20, 2006
A word that two pig-loving muppets used to describe the two most gorge girls in the year, when trying to insult them they didint even know what it meant!
"Fiona and Charlotte are a pair of wenches-oink oink!"
by Char and Fi March 18, 2005
a group of girls who populate Look its me LIM chat on a regular basis.
"you know that country/baby/blonde/durham wench?"
by Helsiee May 08, 2005