Similar to Hench; Wench is a word that describes a males penis to be large.
'apparently that geezer is wench!'

'apparently that man has a massive willy'
by Ryan_ms December 24, 2009
A word to describe someone as very strong, or muscular. Can also be described as hench
Man 1: "Look at that guy doing the weights, he's bare wench"

Man 2: "What do you expect, look at the weights hes lifting"
by topmajorj September 03, 2009
dirty ho.. that love sexy time
dirty wench
by el hazdog April 25, 2009
an 'old school woman' - works in the kitchen all day slaving, whist taking care of the kids etc.

but is also used as an offence towards someone.
'my wench is back at the caravan, keeping r'lil Bill-Joe amused. She best av me a lean steak ready when i return from work!'

'how did you not know that! you wench!'
a young female shipmate who belongs to a pirate for his own demands
that nice pretty harlot in the dark room is quite the wench
by Britt Britt September 11, 2005
Modern definitions of wench:

1. Girlfriend

2. A whipped man

3. An asshole
Guy A: "Hey man you're not seeing the wench again tonight are you?" (1)
Guy B: "Yeah"
Guy A: "Oh my god you're such a wench" (2)
Guy B: "Shut up wench" (3)
by captain jack July 22, 2006
to describe a woman/donkey when you are a pirate
yarr tis a fine wench
by rich the l33t May 02, 2003

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