Medieval slut
Ellis is such a wench!!!
by 8453 August 06, 2015
A person who has thrown their life away to persue a career in food technology. Or anyone who tries to pass off cooking as a GCSE.
That boy Jackson is such a wench. Why couldn't he take real GCSEs
by HughJerection May 01, 2015
A young female who likes to complete domestic duties and has mothering/ nuturing qualities. Will mother you if biological mother is not present. Will also have a granny sewing pack just at hand and will get rather upset if a saucepan is stolen from the kitchen.
Jemma is such a Wench. . .
by huxdhuifc February 14, 2011
Big Bonny Wench

A plump, buxom but cute girl
Oi wench!
by therealrichieedwards May 01, 2004
According to Peter Griffon, the definition of wench is wife.

...poor Lois.
I want to bang my big- nosed, red head wench. ;D
by poopy bunghole June 15, 2008
1. A woman

2. A whore/prostitute etc (most commonly used by pirates)

3. My Personal definition - a close friend, sort of like a best friend, who you'd do anything for (in a non-sexual way) and who you get on really well with. A term of endearment.
1. "Look, there goes a wench"

2. "I be requiring the services of a wench"

3. "You're my dearest, darling, Wench"
by Helen J C August 29, 2005
Alternate word for bitch often used by middle school children who don't have the balls to swear.
"Damn, that wench rejected me again"
by lunaticcharm May 27, 2013
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