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According to Peter Griffon, the definition of wench is wife.

...poor Lois.
I want to bang my big- nosed, red head wench. ;D
by poopy bunghole June 15, 2008
22 22
1. A woman

2. A whore/prostitute etc (most commonly used by pirates)

3. My Personal definition - a close friend, sort of like a best friend, who you'd do anything for (in a non-sexual way) and who you get on really well with. A term of endearment.
1. "Look, there goes a wench"

2. "I be requiring the services of a wench"

3. "You're my dearest, darling, Wench"
by Helen J C August 29, 2005
22 22
1. (archaic) A girl or woman of the peasant class, especially one who works as a servant.

2. (archaic) An easy woman.

Verb: To chase women, to womanize
The serving wench, all of eighteen years, glanced slyly at the lord of the manor, knowing that he was given to wenching when his wife was absent.
by Loreleili September 01, 2010
60 61
Your mother if she was a pirate.
If your mother lived in times of pirates she would be a wench:

Mr. Pirate: Hey, looking good.
Your mom: Two pieces of eight honey..
by Mortification7 May 03, 2009
4 5
Alternate word for bitch often used by middle school children who don't have the balls to swear.
"Damn, that wench rejected me again"
by lunaticcharm May 27, 2013
1 3
Similar to Hench; Wench is a word that describes a males penis to be large.
'apparently that geezer is wench!'

'apparently that man has a massive willy'
by Ryan_ms December 24, 2009
4 7
A word to describe someone as very strong, or muscular. Can also be described as hench
Man 1: "Look at that guy doing the weights, he's bare wench"

Man 2: "What do you expect, look at the weights hes lifting"
by topmajorj September 03, 2009
10 13