To do nothing (even if there are many tasks at hand); to be lazy
Hi Chris, what did you have a busy day at work. No, John, got into work, checked email, then welted around for the rest of the day

Man, I'm so busy, but I just welted around because I couldn't be bothered
by Manuel Cerveza February 09, 2007
Top Definition
edinburgh slang for penis (leith)
she sucks welt on a daily bases
by martinboy November 12, 2007
a mark on the skin which could be either red, blue, or purple. This mark might sting or hurt depends on how hard u banged it
Man you have a massive welt on your arm
by Adrian Ilko March 15, 2006
Bruises from Paintballs.
He was in pain and had a very big welt, you can't spell paintball without pain.
by Fieldpeice November 17, 2005
To hit. To be Tired. To be emotional
Im going to welt him. I welted him the other day. I'm very welted.
by Martin Curran May 14, 2008
When someones waistline is bigger then their hips and they put a belt around the it and it pinches in. also known as a muffin top.
"That fat biatch has a slammin' welt"
by Atrium October 30, 2007
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