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To do nothing (even if there are many tasks at hand); to be lazy
Hi Chris, what did you have a busy day at work. No, John, got into work, checked email, then welted around for the rest of the day

Man, I'm so busy, but I just welted around because I couldn't be bothered
by Manuel Cerveza February 09, 2007
edinburgh slang for penis (leith)
she sucks welt on a daily bases
by martinboy November 12, 2007
a mark on the skin which could be either red, blue, or purple. This mark might sting or hurt depends on how hard u banged it
Man you have a massive welt on your arm
by Adrian Ilko March 15, 2006
Bruises from Paintballs.
He was in pain and had a very big welt, you can't spell paintball without pain.
by Fieldpeice November 17, 2005
a rash
the teacher gave me a welt
by jomom12579 March 30, 2011
To hit. To be Tired. To be emotional
Im going to welt him. I welted him the other day. I'm very welted.
by Martin Curran May 14, 2008
A game when people take turns throwing ping pong balls at each others backs. The first person to quit loses. When the pong balls are dipped in water they hurt worst than you think, btw.
A: ooooo man your welt formed a red lump instantly
T: I know man my love-handles make good targets!
by tepdoes October 22, 2008