A suburbial town outside of Boston. Frequently stereotyped as a predominantly white, rich, preppy, snobby town, this is true with some of the citizens but NOT ALL OF THEM. Although there aren't many minorities seen walking in Wellesley center, we DONT DISCRIMINATE. And not everyone wears lacoste & juicy and shops at Luisa Luisa or trappings. Some people (actually, a lot of people) wear "non-preppy" clothes and are genuine and nice people. We don't appreciate the snobby stereotype so please don't label us.
person #1: ewww i hate wellesley people, theyre all disgustingly rich and bitchy.
person #2: actually my family doesnt have even close millions of dollars in our bank account but we can still afford a decent 3 floor house in wellesley and manage to send me to a good school. ive met a lot of really nice people here.
by wellesleyy October 19, 2005
A place in Massachusetts near boston. Probably over 90% white, with 0 mexicans. if your fat dont come here because no fast food is allowed. Most people without big houses here are still rich they just spend it on other things. If your house ( like mine) is under 1 million dollars your considered "poor." The children are mostly either failures, nerds or a few are just awesome. It was founded in 1869. Population 26,000. Best time to be here is spring. Summers to hot here, and the winters are like 10 degrees, but theres no snow.
"Hey what are you eating?"

"Your obviously not from wellesley"

"Im freezing"
"O is it snowing there?"
"No and theres none on the ground either."
O u must be in Wellesley"
by cbearofthtplace June 06, 2010
So if you are reading this then im sure you think that Wellesley is some "SNOBBY" "UPPY" "RICH BITCH" town is to say the least wrong. Yes there are some people who are snobby, much like people in the rest of the world. However, being the new girl in town I have found it quiet enjoyable to live here. Coming from a town in Indiana, where there were plenty of "blue collar" workers, I haven't really experienced anyone being "more snobby" here compaired to Indiana. Diversity is everywhere... we DO have Babson college and Wellesley college right in town. Maybe people should try and look beyond the BMWs and the Volvos... I know I do as I drive around in my early 2000s Honda CR-V
girl works at a restaurant in wellesley...
customer says "so are you going to college as well"
girl says "yeah i go to umb"
customer says "wow thats great that you work and go to school"

by lemon_drop19 March 20, 2008
Wellesley is a rich town, overly obsessed with sports and education but no ones racist or anything. most people who live here arnt billionairs or even millionairs.
ive lived in wellesley all my life and all i own from abercrombie is a miniskirt
by trubrit16 November 09, 2005
Wellesley: a.k.a. East Coast Beverley Hills. People over 30 drive Benz's and Beemers, the kids usually drive expensive suv's and most are equipped with expensive systems no hood rat could dream of "boostin'". For the most part high schoolers own the cops and although they break up parties, no one usually gets in trouble, cause lets face it, our parents pay their salaries. Kids wear only the most expensive clothes, consisting of polo, burberry, lily and juicy. We do what we want and parents simply don't care. If you hate your life, its cause you're not from Wellesley.
Wellesley does not need an example
by Wellesley prep October 25, 2005
Yes Wellesley is a rich town full of whites but though this pretty true not everyone has bmw/benz alot of people have american cars and asian cars, not all of them have leather seats ex: i have toyota seiana that is the least expensive and same with my honda crv. Also everyone who wears abracrombie is a girl or a loser in wellesley. but i didn't see anything mentioned about shoes i myself have 2 asics(expensive running shoes), vans, globes, connverse, leather shoes, crocs, and sandles... yes i know thats a lot shoes. Some people look at my env2 and are like your phone sucks, those are usually people who have a better phone or a bad one... why because there jealous. Oh and did i mention that almost everyone in the town has a north face yup, and if u loose it next day new, loose your phone next day even better phone. Yes wellesley were awesome lol not really.
everyones rich in wellesley
by gillooly October 29, 2009
A small, western suburb of Boston. Quaint, with nice, tasteful, closely spaced houses surrounding the town center.
If you work in Boston but don't want to live in the city, consider commuting from Wellesley.
by zarMJ June 21, 2005
A town in which 3/4 of the population are either dicks and 1/4 are assholes. Put it that way. About 99.9% of the kids in the schools are complete mindless idiots who actually need to check this site to learn the "cool words." Kids in Wellesley also generally jump on any stupid fad they find, and act like they are cool because of it (hence why last year, the whole school was trying to do the soulja boy dance to be cool, but ended up looking like idiots.) Kids in wellesley also own a cellphone by 6th grade, and own an Iphone by 8th. In fact, most of all of Wellesley loves to suck apple's dick, and is about 3/4 of their sales, because only kids in wellesley are stupid enough/have enough money to buy any overpriced crap they find, hence why all of them have about one pair of new shoes per week. Boys there find the need to find a hidden meaning in every word, and Girls can't resist saying that they love each other.
Most parent's in wellesley don't know shit about raising kids the right way, hence why most of the intelligence in Wellesley comes from foreign students/ones with foreign parents.
Old people in wellesley also find the need to override EVERYTHING in the fucking town, until all the schools are cardboard boxes with one teacher and all the kids have to share one book, all so they can't pay any taxes from their oh-so-precious retirement fund, the find that the kids can be damned. But also, for some reason, they allways approve anything to do with the country club, and that's why the country club is very fricken huge and is probably the biggest waste ever conceived.
All of the above, and anything else written here about Wellesley, except for the idiots trying to defend their sacred town.
by Nobody That You Should Know February 02, 2009

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