A person from the country of Well Hunglandia, a small sovereign state in Central Europe with a population of 2000. The capital, Gillicksville, is known for its numerous examples of fine Asbestos Nouveau architecture, a style derived from the structural possibilities of this material. Most people are very unwell, gout, syphilis and the clap proliferating. This phenomena has been put down to the jaw-dropping quantities of the sex every capable adult indulges in. The diseases are worn like badges of honour, dignitaries heralded for there complete moral looseness.
They also make nice cheese.
'I am Well Hung, are you Welsh?'
'Yes. boyo. How did you guess?'
'You were attempting to steal my watch and you are virtually unrecognisable as a human being through that thick mat of black hair.'
'I see.'
by AG July 30, 2004
Top Definition
He is well hung: He has a large penis.
Wow, that guy is either well hung or he stuck a ball down his pants.
by Newbia June 29, 2004
having a large cock
All the girls want jo bc he is so well hung.
by brandi February 07, 2003
A term used to describe a male with a large penis.
Kendall is well hung likea donkey!
by Aaron Cooper May 28, 2005
what you'd be if your mother was Welch and your father was Hungarian.
I'm well hung. And I also have a large penis.
by HappyHenry35 May 24, 2004
a guy who has a big dick
Well-hung guys tend to jack off with BOTH hands.
by brook July 30, 2004
an adjective describing a man with a large penis.
Andrew Cadoza is the most well-hung 16 year old in Ridgewood, NJ.
(n) Well Hung is the statement you say to another when you think that, that person has a very large Penis. It is not considered an influence, it is more like a compliment.
Ryan: "Have you seen Joe lately?"

Joey: "No Ryan, why you ask?"

Ryan: "He is very well hung!"

Joey: "I am going to have to check that out! =)"
by Ecocidal March 27, 2010
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