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Adjective to describe a modern day Renaissance man, who has many 'strings to his bow' so to speak.
For example,a 'well strung ' male might have knowledge of at least two European languages, computer programming skills, a pilots licence kicking about, a scuba diving qualification, athleticism in a handful of field sports, A-levels, possibly a degree, a CELTA or TEFOL, just in case he fancies a month teaching English in Japan or Tai Wan.
Punning on "well hung" - which refers to the size of a man, personally.
Woman: " I don't know him personally yet but he is incredibly well strung- He can speak French and Swiss German, goes skiing in February, Photoshops like a dream, iceskates like an angel, and his harp playing is like the nightingale."
by MissNicks January 17, 2009
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