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Welfare is simply one of the many conspiracys fabricated by our government to control the black community. A proverbial crutch so to speak. The longer you can keep a minority dependant on a monthly check, all the more easy it will be to cripple him later. Inevitably this plan will forever safeguard the white mans well-being and likelihood for success. If we the black people dont snap out of this cycle, the white man will always maintain dominance in America.
"I been on welfare for six years motha fucka. What I look like gettin a job nigga?"
by Bobby R October 12, 2005
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A system where a bunch of the money we work our asses off for, goes to lazy fucks who don't do a damn thing all day, except go to Wal-Mart in their pajamas.
kiss my ass welfare
by Underappreciated Workers Inc. August 22, 2012
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A person too lazy to work that get's assistance. Even sadder when there's 2 parents in the household that don't work and they get welfare and live in section 8 gubmint housing.

When a mama has 5 + kids to stay on welfare.
Why my parents on welfare?
by cherly Fogarty April 26, 2010
42 44
1. The word that makes me want to become a libertarian whenever I hear it. 2. The program that the lazy, selfish, fat, trashy, stupid, loud, brain dead, annoying kids at my school who refuse to do anything more than be the janitor at Walmart for the rest of their meaningless lives live off.
1. Fat trashy cunt in the hallway: "I gonna have more babies because the govament is gonna give me more Welfare monies".

What I think when I hear this: "That fat cunt should thank me for having a brain, working hard, going to college, getting a job, and having part of my hard earned salary go to her and her seven children."
by ppirate9876 September 19, 2010
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sample of communism
Shaquiqa and zoomarial wanted a car so they combined their efforts so they had 20 kids and got enought welfare to get a new car.
by communism is inheriently evil October 20, 2009
90 100
How Black and native people get money, other then selling drugs and robbing people.
Son- Why don't you ever work daddy?
Dad- Because in my family we were taught to go on welfare and drink all day *sips a beer*
by SirRidge March 18, 2008
140 150
the india defination of the american dream
italian: my dream is to go to america to work hard start my own company so i cant get everything i always dreamed of (new house,rolex, sports car ect...)

Indian: i vant to go to america to be on da welfare to stay at hom and make a da money wit no work, dank you tax payers!! vedy much you noe, but i make my daughter work at mc donalds so i get da free food
by John leeie August 30, 2011
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