a bullshit program that steals money from decent tax-paying Americans to give out to lazy pieces of shit that refuse to get a job and have fucking 9 kids.

Eliminate the welfare system.
by Xizor July 10, 2008
A system where a bunch of the money we work our asses off for, goes to lazy fucks who don't do a damn thing all day, except go to Wal-Mart in their pajamas.
kiss my ass welfare
by Underappreciated Workers Inc. August 22, 2012
The government's continued effort at dry fucking the working people and picking their pockets to pamper those who think that work is overrated.
I should get a job, but I'd rather surf the net all day. Let some other sucker go to work; I'll just get a welfare cheque.
by Amadeus38 February 18, 2012
How Black and native people get money, other then selling drugs and robbing people.
Son- Why don't you ever work daddy?
Dad- Because in my family we were taught to go on welfare and drink all day *sips a beer*
by SirRidge March 18, 2008
A person too lazy to work that get's assistance. Even sadder when there's 2 parents in the household that don't work and they get welfare and live in section 8 gubmint housing.

When a mama has 5 + kids to stay on welfare.
Why my parents on welfare?
by cherly Fogarty April 26, 2010
What illegal Mexicans collect, which ends up fucking over American taxpayers.
That illegal wetback won't even get a paying job, she'd rather sit home and collect welfare and drive without insurance.
by Jimmy Burke April 22, 2007
Something drug dealers and poor people take advantage of but if anyone tried to cut it they would be immediately killed by someone on it.
"Today we are going to cut taxes and welfare by---"
*Stabbed by a guy who owns an Escalade, $10000 worth in diamonds and still gets welfare
by Mister Literal February 12, 2006
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