The #2 cause of overpopulation in America
28 year old fat gir with 10 kids living in an apartment in Atlantic City: Shit i need a beer. Oh well, time to find a guy to get me pregnant again so I can afford it. More kids equals more welfare
by Abix June 03, 2005
junk poor quality peice of shit
man his car is welfare
by harold grimace March 20, 2006
a word used to describe bad/inferior/pointless things and/or versions of things.
Mohamed: Guess what, guys! I just got COD4!
Kurt: No, man! That's such a welfare game!
Tyler: Yeah 'hamed, go get your money back from the welfare shop you bought it from, you noob!
by Harry Pasek May 21, 2008
1.) Something nobody who has written a definition here has ever really encountered,

2.) A symbol of poverty which all those suposidly 'middle class' Americans believe they're immune from if they just 'work hard' because its up to the 'individual' to make it.

3.) A potentially helpful, but underfunded policy which is so riddled with contradictions and loopholes that to acctually benefit from it is a monumental feat.
AnyAmerican: "I lost my job of 20 years because of a small health problem and the price of privatised healthcare. I'm on welfare, but if i find any job working over 10 hours a week, no matter the pay, then i'll lose that 200$ a month check i've been paying taxes my whole life to support, but i still need to eat and pay bills."

AmericanEthic: "Tough it out! America is full of opportunities! And no assistance in reaching them because all the tax money goes to the pockets of the already rich!"
by animals February 22, 2008
Social assistance for those unable or choosing not to work. Free money.
"Work harder, millions on welfare depend on you!"
by Heywood May 27, 2003
lazy ass people who mooch off people who work!
My neighbor who sleeps all day and ignores her kid is on welfare.
by SiCkOfYoU August 28, 2005
1. The largest voter pool for the democratic party.
2. A charity created by rich democrats so that they don't have to feel so bad about being rich.
3. A free ride for people who realize government cheese is preferable to gainful employment.
I feel so bad that I am a filthy rich democrat with lots of tax shelters, so I will vote to give more money to people who dont work. Of course, I will have the middle class working man pay for it.
by nonoyawns January 19, 2005

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