A program started by the US government for under income families. however, there has been abuse of the program where people exploit the housing prices to get rich.
Example: a person living in a Welfare housing that owns a 40 grand Cadilac.
by RYANISFATLOL March 25, 2009
That check you get at the first of the month.
Drug addict: "Damn, this welfare check is whack!"
by SuperSonicX June 04, 2005
A orginization, from the government, that gives out money to people who are low lives, and do not have the brains to get a job. Unfourntanley, as a nation, we are forced to foot the bills of people who reproduce like Rabits, and pay for their food, and other commidites.
Hey look, there is a welfare recpiant, lets go beat the sh*t out of the low life who mooches of everyone else.
by Chris Martin November 22, 2004
A social excuse to allow more government control.
The government buys my vote by offering me and the rest of my crack-adled buddies welfare. I love the democratic party!
by Japanadan October 11, 2004
A type of program that one would take because of horrid financial problems.

Although Welfare is commonly used by lazy people, Welfare still has a vital purpose in civilization.
"Sadly, everyone takes Welfare due to laziness. To me, the only time Welfare is appropriate is if the person, or his family, is in bad financial shape. Nevertheless, as long as lazy people take Welfare, Welfare is nothing but an excuse."
by Dave April 19, 2004
a check you get at the first of the month.
welfare is in. whoo hooo!
by d dogg July 12, 2003
A system where a bunch of the money we work our asses off for, goes to lazy fucks who don't do a damn thing all day, except go to Wal-Mart in their pajamas.
kiss my ass welfare
by Underappreciated Workers Inc. August 22, 2012
The government's continued effort at dry fucking the working people and picking their pockets to pamper those who think that work is overrated.
I should get a job, but I'd rather surf the net all day. Let some other sucker go to work; I'll just get a welfare cheque.
by Amadeus38 February 18, 2012

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