A program started by the US government for under income families. however, there has been abuse of the program where people exploit the housing prices to get rich.
Example: a person living in a Welfare housing that owns a 40 grand Cadilac.
by RYANISFATLOL March 25, 2009
The #2 cause of overpopulation in America
28 year old fat gir with 10 kids living in an apartment in Atlantic City: Shit i need a beer. Oh well, time to find a guy to get me pregnant again so I can afford it. More kids equals more welfare
by Abix June 03, 2005
a word used to describe bad/inferior/pointless things and/or versions of things.
Mohamed: Guess what, guys! I just got COD4!
Kurt: No, man! That's such a welfare game!
Tyler: Yeah 'hamed, go get your money back from the welfare shop you bought it from, you noob!
by Harry Pasek May 21, 2008
Social assistance for those unable or choosing not to work. Free money.
"Work harder, millions on welfare depend on you!"
by Heywood May 27, 2003
The wrong thing to bitch about.

real communist welfare is:
illegal immigration
AIDS in Africa
Kerry campaign contributions when he is a fucking billionaire!
god Bill Clinton is an evil,fucking bastard from hell.
by sick bastards August 21, 2004
Safety social net that is necessary, but needs an overhaul. Has been abused, and needs to have its anti-fraud regulations strictly enforced. Would be less necessary if Dubya and his rich corporate buddies hadn't ruined the economy and caused massive unemployment.
If Dubya Bush wasn't from a rich powerful family, he'd certainly be on welfare, because he's not qualified for any jobs I can think of.
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
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