a check you get at the first of the month.
welfare is in. whoo hooo!
by d dogg July 12, 2003
A person too lazy to work that get's assistance. Even sadder when there's 2 parents in the household that don't work and they get welfare and live in section 8 gubmint housing.

When a mama has 5 + kids to stay on welfare.
Why my parents on welfare?
by cherly Fogarty April 26, 2010
sample of communism
Shaquiqa and zoomarial wanted a car so they combined their efforts so they had 20 kids and got enought welfare to get a new car.
by communism is inheriently evil October 20, 2009
Poor, Cheap, Jewish, Lacking of Funds, Laptop doesn't charge, Sucks in general
1- Chad Reed is SO welfare!
2- Why so?
1- His laptop always has to be plugged into the charger
by Antman yo August 26, 2009
A program started by the US government for under income families. however, there has been abuse of the program where people exploit the housing prices to get rich.
Example: a person living in a Welfare housing that owns a 40 grand Cadilac.
by RYANISFATLOL March 25, 2009
A check for an ugly single mother to get because her baby daddy won't pay the child support or admit he knows her kids or her at all.

Reserved for lazy fat single mothers that have 4 kids before age 25. Unwanted by any decent man and can't attract a respectable man.

The highest level of their partner's employment is a KFC.

These bustdowns wait for their monthly welfare check instead of going out and working and making money.
That single mother is on welfare.
by youareascummme November 13, 2008
a bullshit program that steals money from decent tax-paying Americans to give out to lazy pieces of shit that refuse to get a job and have fucking 9 kids.

Eliminate the welfare system.
by Xizor July 10, 2008
85% of the time it can be described as... what the lazy rely on, feeling it's 'owed' to them just for being human. Because they do nothing, but still feel that they are great regardless and that they deserve this simply for being a human being.
"I'm a Liberal, because I don't want my welfare to go away. I deserve it, even though I've never done anything for anyone else, and never will... but gimme, gimme, gimme!"
by Lottylula May 19, 2008

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