a check you get at the first of the month.
welfare is in. whoo hooo!
by d dogg July 12, 2003
Money the government gives to people who are too lazy to work or are simply unable to work to to disability. Commonly abused. Many people who are on welfare are the lazy people, who financially harm those who can work, and those who are disabled and cannot work.
Welfare is currently being abused by many, which harms most people in our country.
by Michael G. Jones August 29, 2006
government assistance to the poor which was formerly riddled with problems, that in 1996 America ended as we knew it
It was finally time to make welfare what is should have been: a second chance, not a way of life
by Diamond J April 15, 2008
a fat single mother (usually black or hispanic) who chooses not to work but rather to live off of other peoples hard earned money. the majority of people on welfare are below average intellegence and are always unemployed.
how you know someone is on welfare
im a fat single mother who doesnt care about my seven uneducated kids i would rather sit around all day on my lazy ass and live on your tax dollars. o crap im out of money better find some guy to knock me up more kids=more money.
by alex z April 17, 2006
Poor, Cheap, Jewish, Lacking of Funds, Laptop doesn't charge, Sucks in general
1- Chad Reed is SO welfare!
2- Why so?
1- His laptop always has to be plugged into the charger
by Antman yo August 26, 2009
A check for an ugly single mother to get because her baby daddy won't pay the child support or admit he knows her kids or her at all.

Reserved for lazy fat single mothers that have 4 kids before age 25. Unwanted by any decent man and can't attract a respectable man.

The highest level of their partner's employment is a KFC.

These bustdowns wait for their monthly welfare check instead of going out and working and making money.
That single mother is on welfare.
by youareascummme November 13, 2008
1. The thing Democrats invented to brainwash lower class people into voting for them so they (Democrats) can stay in office.

2. The excuse a lazy, waste of DNA person gives for not going out and getting a job.

3. The biggest voting block of the Democrat party.

4. The biggest waste of money America has ever seen.
I despise and have no respect for anyone who lives off welfare and refuses to work like the rest of us.
by krock1dk April 26, 2008

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