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welfare whip: a term created by a man living on the IL/WI border between two big cities swarmming with "welfare whips". the meaning is a vehicle bought using the tax payers money,usually driven by a black person who cannot or WILL NOT get a job,and usually having oversized wheels (tractor wheels wrapped in tinfoil). this is not uncommon at all in big citys such as (chicago,milwaukee,cleavland,oakland,L.A.). the "welfare whip" could also be a shitty vehicle with 24" rims,or a mercedes with disability plates driving through the ghetto . in other words any vehicle bought with the tax payers money.
niglet : damn you saw's shaniq-walikes new ride, jumpin jammal?

jumpin jamal: hells yeaaahhh he must of just got is welfare check, that is one tizzight welfare whip
by 00beast00 August 25, 2010

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