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A male who intentionally impregnates a number of different baby mammas so that he can split the welfare benefits from each of them, which enables him to gross thousands of dollars per month in free Government handouts and via scams run by using the children's Social Security numbers.
I just ran into Trayvon at WalMart. He must have had at least $1000 worth of steak in his shopping cart! Where does he work to afford all of that?

"He doesn't work. He's welfare rich and a proud member of The Obama 47%. He's got 8 kids by 4 different baby mammas and they all get $700 a month in food stamps. Plus, they sell the kids Social Security numbers to working relatives so they can get more back in their tax returns. And, they run an Earned Income Credit scam every April to get over $5,000 back from the IRS."
by mike49677 September 27, 2012
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