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when some asks you "were you welcomed to the jungle?" they are really asking you if when you fingered a girl, was there pubic hair or not. and if so, how much.
Bob: Hey dude, when you went to Kelsey's house yesterday, were you welcomed to the jungle?

Steve: yeah dude. it was a thick jungle down there.
by calcifer111 August 19, 2010
Being completely unprepared for a situation and making it very apparent you are neither prepared nor capable of functioning in a particular capacity
Professor: Jim can you please tell me the answer to problem 3?
Jack: ummm.... errr.... well you see.... this one confused me...
Jake (Jack's friend): Welcome to the Jungle Jack
Jack: Damn it. Yeah I got welcomed to the jungle.
by welcomedtothejungle March 29, 2011
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