A way of acting that would not be looked upon as normal by outsiders.
Jenna and Rosie are weird. Very weird. Very very weird. woohoo.
by Jenna and Rosie are weird. December 31, 2008
Partying and getting fucking crazy at College (ESU)
Oh hell yea, shits getting weird.

Those girls are getting weird.

Lets go to Fawn where its weird as hell.
by BROCHO February 04, 2012
To be really drunk, yet not sloppy. Where you are drunk and fun to be around still. Usually used in the phrase "getting weird".
"Dude, I got so weird last night"

"Have you seen Michael?" - Marc
"Yeah, he's pretty weird though" -Kris

"I'm getting weird with my bros later" -Nick
"That doesn't sound appropriate" -Mom
"No mom, getting weird is actually very appropriate"-Nick
by Rick Secondary Arbitrarily Jam November 16, 2011
to be interesting; possessing characteristic of a inhuman person; daring to be bold and freaky
The boy was weird because his ears were big and his ass was bigger.

by Sr. Finks December 20, 2007
A person who is coming down from ecstasy or has taken way too much.
Damn bro, did u see Chris yesterday? He was weird for sure.
by MC Ginger Kid January 14, 2011
The night's young and I have a feelin things are about to get real W.E.I.R.D. up in here.
by Cool Dude with Attitude August 29, 2011
Being odd; acting like Daniel and Tiffany
You're pulling a Daniel by acting weird.
by smartyxpants13 August 18, 2011
n. One of the many words in the English language that is spelt wrong nearly always. Happens mostly because it does not follow the conventional "i before e except after c" clause.

n. A possibly self-reflexive word. May have arisen from a random juxtaposition of 5 English letters to form a word that didn't follow the "i before e except after c" clause.
"...and as the evening grew darker and the sun went crashing down into the sea, John stood in the woods waiting for the Natasha, feeling more wierd than he had ever felt before."
Professor's comment: This would have been a very worthy sentence indeed John, were it not for that mis-spelling of weird.
by thesoccergod April 02, 2008

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