beautiful and bubbly girl with intelligence and integrity. Also poised and down to earth
That girl is totally wein.
#all rounder #poised #pretty #amazing #great
by vanilla6 March 19, 2009
Top Definition
anything related or simaliar to weiner/cock/dick/dong/wang/tallywacker/
suck my wein biatch
by Matt Hoeber the IV October 25, 2003
a phrase that means: What Else Is New
#wien #ween #what #else #is #new #wiener
by SexyGreekGoddess December 20, 2010
tall creepy fukas who play with there Penis way to offten
man, that Weins yanks his dank alot
I bet he yanks his dank soo often, his twanker is raw
by James April 21, 2005
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