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This is the type of person who will one day experience the saying what comes around goes around.... Also this person is the ONLY time where it is ok to stick your finger in your own ass and wipe it accross their upper lip....

See Dirty Sanchez
Yo, I got weight smart vitamined all day long so i self sanchezed her....
by usmcgunny April 14, 2004
a woman who ingests ungodly amounts of syrup, and then counters this obese addiction with a weight smart vitamin...
Check out weight smart vitamin...she looks like a beached whale yo!!
by El Guapo April 14, 2004
Same person who inhales a deathly amount of syrup followed by a weight smart vitamin. Also will talk sex with you all day, promise sexuall favors and then not make good. Leaves your dong hard and unhappy....
Yo I saw weight smart vitamin at the chow hall today. God she's fat.

I got weight smart vitamined by "Manda"
by usmcgunny April 14, 2004
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