One who is in charge of the Physical Readiness and Training (PRT) program at your echelon, whose duties include looking up your shorts while pretending to count the number of sit-ups you're doing and caressing your waist as he lovingly slides the tape around your belly to measure its circumference.
You are absolutely getting a Posthumous Purple Heart in your next combat tour, you fucking weight nazi.
by Master Chief July 12, 2003
Top Definition
A physical fitness fanatic in the military who believes that six-pack abs, blond hair, blue eyes, Teutonic good looks, and 12% bodyfat will ensure his suvival in combat, his promotion in peacetime and a place in Valhalla in the afterlife; everyone else who doesn't look like a recruiting posterboy should have been a candidate for prenatal eugenics.
Hey, Master might want to take the long way to building 501...there's a weight nazi hiding in the bushes a block up ambushing sailors with a's that same shitweasel who is pushing to switch the whole PRT system to metric!
by harry flashman July 10, 2003
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