a mix of a emo person and a wigger
stop saying nukka y dont u go cut urself u wegmer
by black albino January 21, 2006
Top Definition
emo and a wigger put together, they dresses like a wigger with baggy clothes but on his/her own, slits their wrists and anyother bodypart that is cuttable, someone that likes no one, doesn't get good grades, and is hated by mostly everyone, listens to rap and emo music
Wegmer: yo son
Normal human being: dude are you cutting your wrists?
Wegmer: Maybe.......(puts ipod headphones in)
Normal human being: Are you listening to rap that you mixed with hawthorne heights?!
Wegmer:(starts crying) I'm gonna bust a cap up in yo ass
Normal human being: Dude your such a wegmer!
by Benny C January 21, 2006
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