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When something disgusts you and you twitch so much you spin your head around and almost snap your neck, making a facial impression like a weasel.
Person: "If I have to watch another 20 minutes of this gak I'll chew my ass off it's own hinges"
Person 2: "What're you watching?"
Person: "This show about colostomy bags"
Person 2: "Ack! WEEZIL!" *Twitches*
by StANTo May 04, 2005
An asskicking superbot you don't wanna fuck with. Eats eggs and mechs for breakfast. Knows just about everything and everyone. Very nice until you piss it off.
Person 1 : Should we takeover that channel?
Person 2 : No... I hear it's full of lil weezils. They'll fuck you up.
by SanitariuM April 10, 2006
a member of the family mustelidae. somewhat resembles a mink.
The weezil is a blood-thirst savage.
by Justin Vermillion February 02, 2004

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