A band that is not and cannot be "emo." "Emo" is a word created to further the delineation of all music into tiny, highly-specified categories. It is a false label, much as "grunge" was in the early 1990's. Moreover, it is a recent term, new within the past year or two, while Weezer's Blue Album was released in 1994, quite a long time before some recording industry advertising hack created the term "emo." Weezer, having predated "emo" by a number of years, cannot therefore be "emo."
Weezer plays rock music, much the same as most all other "emo," "punk," "metal," etc. bands.
by Akusai September 14, 2003
i have a shirt that says weezer
i got it from a weezer concert
weezer is cool
go weezer!
by can we do it ? yes we can ! September 13, 2003
a great band. emo idiots who say they like weezer and call it emo don't know what the hell they are talking about. they first came out with the blue album, which was, in my opinion, their best. i dont mean to say that theyre other ones weren't great. green album, pinkerton, and maladroit all rocked too, but critics and "fans" expected them to be as awesome as blue. they were just as great, just a little different. and make believe got slammed by critics. who cares what those idiots think? they aren't weezer fans and therefore can't recognize they're awesome-ness. make believe actually had some really great songs.
emo girl: omigod! i love weezer, rivers cuomo is sooo cute! and his black horn-rimmed glasses are exactly like mine! he is so emo!
real weezer fan: fool, shut up. they aren't emo. and he doesn't try to be cute. he took up a vow of celibacy. idiot.
by save me from visi June 27, 2005
weezer is a band. and they're good.
um, like, J-POP!
by a-n May 19, 2003
A band that sings about many issues in life and doesn't care about what the critics say.

A true ROCK band.

One of the very FEW bands that high schoolers and college students listen to and can actually relate to, unlike many new wave emo bands that have exploded onto the scene.

Weezer sings with emotion but doesn't use it as a selling point.

If a weezer song is covered during some coffee shop band's performance, people get nostalgic and start cheering them on, that shows how great of a band Weezer was. I mean if Taking Back Sunday was played during a cover concert, i would find it hard to reveal that i would actually know the song being played.
After (insert most boring class here) stacy went up to her room, and put on some Weezer, while her good for nothing boyfriend calls about how much he misses her.
by Steak Salisbury August 02, 2005
A brilliant Nerd-Rock band fronted by Rivers Cuamo, who lives in an apartment with a chair and a microwave.
'By jove, this song 'Say it aint' so' is brilliant!'

'I whole heartedly agree Winthorpe'
by Citezen:Erased May 31, 2005
weezer are one of the greatest rock bands ever, the only band who werent scared to say 'if its too loud, turn it down' i would know its written on the back of my weezer t-shirt, but they dont come to manchester so i cant see them. there not emo there just good.
Ross: I love weezer, rivers is so talented
emo kid: no dude, you wanna listen to juliana theory
Ross: Shut up emo fag!
by Ross Drummond October 20, 2004
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