A band that is not and cannot be "emo." "Emo" is a word created to further the delineation of all music into tiny, highly-specified categories. It is a false label, much as "grunge" was in the early 1990's. Moreover, it is a recent term, new within the past year or two, while Weezer's Blue Album was released in 1994, quite a long time before some recording industry advertising hack created the term "emo." Weezer, having predated "emo" by a number of years, cannot therefore be "emo."
Weezer plays rock music, much the same as most all other "emo," "punk," "metal," etc. bands.
by Akusai September 14, 2003
i totally agree with TylerDurden2001. weezer is so awesome and the people who dis weezer cause they think that they're complete badass rockers need to get over themselves.
by asdfehtfd August 24, 2003
A person (usually college kid) who goes out to the bars hoping to hook-up, but by closing time has failed in this task, so he rejoins his friends and fakes being happy (generally drunkenly jumping/huddling around with them while singing along to the typical Weezer-like songs that bars play when they want people to leave) and pretends that being with friends is why he came out in the first place.

Can also be used as a verb.
Yeah, what a weezer
by RohK December 09, 2010
A Weezer is someone or something wich belongs to the beautyful little town of Weeze in Germany. Weezer Bürger = Citizens of Weeze. Weezer Strassen (Streets), Weezer Flughafen (Airport), Weezer Kirche (Church of Weeze) a.s.o. ...
View hundreds of examles at www.weezerlinks.de
by razzfazz February 06, 2010
Band formed back in the 90's that have been dissapointing their fans many times since the realese of "Make Believe". It wasn't until "Everything Will Be Alright In The End" that they put their shit together.
Hey! Where do I find Weezer tabs that aren't tuned half-step down?
by Nicocchi March 12, 2015
A bunch of guys that heard slanted & enchanted and were like "this fucking rocks" so they started a band. Weezer is a band that is ten times more popular than pavement but only about 1/10 as good. Not that there that bad (pavements just fucking amazing) they had one album that was really good, pinkerton, and one album that was probably one of the best albums of the last 20 years, the blue album, they broke up in 1996 so Rivers Cuomo could go to harvard. When they came back they fucking sucked as Rivers Cuomo totally rejects everything that made him great in the first place and makes shitty pop songs. I'm guessing he embraced that retarded Andy Warhol philosophy that "good art is good business and good business is good art"
Weezer's Rivers Cuomo wants to fuck Stephen malkmus up the ass
by indierockisawesome May 04, 2010
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