a word that can replace anything. also an elephant with cat ears, pig nose, cow feet, akita dog tail, horns coming out of the ears, lots of hair, a thing that cows have that squirts out milk, a infested horse that lives inside the body and if you pull up the tail you can see the infested horse inside. it says "bach bach" like a chicken. the stamp is a sun in gold with lots of planets around it. we are allies with tee snaw and if you get kicked out you are a ree or low snaw. you have to put the stamp on your right arm. (under the arm)
you are so wee snaw dude, i mean its like the best of both wee snaws!
by theweesnaws August 27, 2009
Top Definition
What Spongebob Squarepants has said in an episode.
Spongebob : No Mr. Krabs.. that was uhh just me doing my imitation of Mystery. Weesnaw.

Mr. Krabs : Well then.. keep working on it,cause it's terrible.

(Those probably weren't the exact words but it's as close as I can remember.)
by shuffles August 02, 2006
The sound a horse makes instead of a neigh, at least according to Spongebob Squarepants.
Found in the episode My Pretty Seahorse, where Spongebob finds Mystery the seahorse.
Mystery: neighhhhhhh
Mr. Krabs: What was that?
Spongebob: Just practicing my impression of Mystery, Mr. Krabs! Weesnaw!
by mystery, grace, majesty, debbi August 10, 2010
Its when someone pukes on your dick during a blowjob.
Harry Weesnaw'd all over Zayn.
by THAFUDGEWHACKA August 11, 2014
An amazing animal found under the see. Usually pink and yellow. can also be used as a compliment. " your looking very weesnaw today "
They are kind and very friendly animals once you get to know one.
"i love you too. "
by Earl--- March 22, 2009
hilary duff
jessie: did you get tickets for weesnaw yet?
josh: yeah and since i preordered, i got a pair of horseshoes, too.
by josh alan December 20, 2008
Weesnaw, is used when someone has just been told disappointing news or when someone has just been assigned a big task. Mainly used instead of sigh.
I haven't brushed my teeth in like 3 weeks....weesnaw....
by Guacacole December 08, 2010

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