well a weemo is bassically a wanabee weemo
there is a lot of them around where i come from anyway. .
they all think theyre listening to the newest music when its like greenday or something
n then they get fringes which are so daring (sense the sacarsm)
they basically get the littlest side fringes in the world, to be honest with you, you cant even tell if half of them have a side fringe
then they all have myspace n say their music has meaning n they pose stupidly on pictures and wear stupid eyeliner
but this is all cos theyre so fucking hardcore they cant fucking survive without eyeliner and THEIR music
then they all copy of the older people on there
the ones that have a better idea of what theyre doing
so thats basically a weemo for you
weemo 1 'ive just found out about this new band- HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS!!!'
weemo 2- 'OMG really?!? anyway tomorow i might go get a new side fringe and die my hair black!'
weemo 1- ' really? '
weemo 2- 'i might do, i hate people who follow crowds'
weemo 1- 'totally, so anyway i got this new top! its got skul and crossbones on it! its so individual- like me!'
weemo 2- ' we've got to take pictures and post them on mypace!'
weemo 1- ' that is such a good idea! make sure we have enough eyeliner on first!'
weemo 2- ' being emo is so awesome!'
weemo 1- ' wait a minute! whats this word? scenester?'
weemo 2- ' we so have to change our style!'

by weemos are gay October 30, 2006
Top Definition
A weemo is basically a weenie emo. Weemos tend to range from 10-14 years of age are generally very short. They try and act sophisticatated and up to date with the local music scene but just get in your fucking way. Theyre the people screaming help as they run fleeing from the pit or there in there being a nuisance and end up getting injured.

Weemo One: OMG i love green day SO much. "Billie Joe's SO hot. American Ideot is like my favourite album.

Knowledgeable Person: Yeah but what about Dookie or Nimrod ??

Weemo One: Wooah they've made more than One Album OMG.
by i fucking hate green-day May 17, 2006
a weemo is somebody who tries to be emo to fit in with other emos but they try and make everyone know that they are emo
by sayin stuff like oooh look at me i slit my wrists etc
*emo: omg here comes another weemo
Weemo1: omg have you seen the latest cuts she's got?
weemo2: yeah look i cut i love drew into myarm cus im like so emo
Emo: i think you mean weemo
by emojd May 26, 2007
Wannabe emo.

You may seem them on MySpace..or mostly likely..Bebo, with the display picture of a..say, wrist covered with blood, or one of those dreaded "scene" photos, with a random scene kid wearing heaps of makeup, and the photo has been photoshoped to make a certain colour stand out.
They very rarely have photos of themselves.

They are usually mainstream, and listen to My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, AFI and 30 Seconds To Mars. Of course, it would not be any of those bands older stuff (like Fall Out Boy's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend or AFI's Very Proud Of Ya).

Weemos write really terrible poetry that doesn't make any sense.
Weemos go around commenting actual emos.
Weemos are un selfaware
Weemos piss me off.
Weemo: "omg scene kid you're so hawt lolz"
Scene Kid: "Uh..."
Weemo: "LOLZ!!!1!1!"
by [Um:] March 23, 2007
A little person (midget or dwarf) who is emo.
omfg dude did you just see that weemo he was like 3' 2" tall!
by Brice H April 05, 2010
In the U.K. this is pretty much the definition
Somebody that wants to be an emo, but doesn't really put their heart and soul into it enough. Suppose you were in this scenario.
Emo: I hate life. I cut myself. I'm going to kill myself.

weemo: I Like life. I don't cut myself. I'm not going to kill myself. But there sure do seem to be a lot of girls hanging around with you emo guys,I like the music you guys listen to and i suppose my hair would look good black, so why not.

That is a classic weemo.
by lewis the III February 10, 2008
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