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a mysterious entity who leaves weed for you when you least expect it.
if you are good and share your weed, the weed fairy comes when you are in need
if you are bad and don't share a bit, the weed fairy will come and take your shit.
by xeroblaze December 07, 2006
A person who does not deal weed but always has weed and smokes you down all the time.
"Dude how do you afford to smoke everyday?"

"I have a weed fairy"
by ihaveaweedfairy October 13, 2009
the best fairy in the world. give you weed/weed money mysteriously when you need it most.
amber: "the weed fairy visited last night, now i can finally buy some bud"
seje: "that's my favorite fairy!"
by admebl November 09, 2011
When you think that your weed stash is empty and you're completely dry... Until you find a nug, .5, gram or more in your pocket or any other random place. That is because you were visited by the weed fairy! (or you found weed that you put away the night before because you were high and forgot you still had it)
"Hey guy, wanna do some bong hits with this weed I got from the Weed Fairy?"
by StonedCJane August 01, 2012
(n). 1. a legendary creature from 20th/21st Stoner folklore responsible for incidents of coincidental and/or
gratuitous procurements of marijuana
Becky smokes marijuana sparingly, but she frequently receives it as a gift from her drug dealing male friend who she has placed in the friend zone, which she subsequently shares with her friends; hence, she is the group's weed fairy.
by StevyNix June 03, 2013
(n). 1. a person, animal or (less frequently) vehicle that one encounters only after ingesting at least one psychoactive substance while in an altered state of reality. Due to intoxication, it is difficult to confirm the reality or validity of the encounter and/or the object within it.
Guy's! That's the weed fairy-mobile! I always see that LSU Tigers-striped Lamborghini when I'm high as shit!
by StevyNix June 03, 2013
an awesome female who loves to smoke her friends and other people on joints. she seems to have an abundance of supply and loves to share!
*gasp!* the weed fairy is coming!

prepare to get high!
by tararara February 19, 2009
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