see marijuana
1) Sweet sweet Cheeba.
2) The best plant on God's green Earth.
3)The drug all other drugs want to be.
4) The inspiration for such great entertainment as Half Baked, The Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Cypress Hill's music, Rastafarianism, Cheech and Chong, and the Gettysburgh Address.
Does the Crocadile Hunter smoke weed?
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
1. Marijuana.

2. Holy plant of the rastafarians, a plant containing the mind-altering chemical Tetrahydrocannabinol (I sure hope I spelled that right) or THC for short. This plant is pretty much the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States, probably because of it's availability and LACK OF SERIOUS NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS. In recent years, marijuana has been increasingly made into a scapegoat by politicians and media alike, by being depicted as a killer drug that turns your brain to mush, and causes you to shoot your friends and run over little girls on tricycles. This, my friends, is bullshit. Weed doesnt kill people. Fools who do not know how to handle their shit whilst blazed kill people. And to people that say that every person that smokes weed can't "face reality", and that weed ruined their lives, all I can say is that you didnt fuck up your life because you smoked weed. You were just a pussy to begin with, and weed only enhanced your pussyness by giving you an excuse to buy into the downward spiral that became your miserable life.
Weak-minded Fool: OMGFZZZ dont smoke teh weed one hit will give you mouth and lung and brain cancer1111
Non-Weak-Minded Person: Shut up dumbass
by Fuck freevibe January 07, 2006
One of the slang terms for the genus of plants cannabis, can be smoked, eaten, vaporized, or consumed in oils (honey oil, hash oil). When taken, it gives an incedibly peaceful and euphoric effect. Used recreationally, medicanilly, and industrally. It can cure glaucoma, the horrible nausea endured as a result of chemo-therapy and physical aches/pain. Industrally: has literally 1000's of uses as a durable fiber and paper.
Cannabis was banned in 1927.

Anyone else notice that the people who are bashing the plant have large problems with spelling, grammer and organization and seem to give you the impression that they can't have an IQ
in the tripple digits?!

"if u smkoe weede thaem=n yoour a fuknin pot heAd and should be impizzededd for life!!!!"

Have you ever TRIED the drug?

No cuz if i do ill b a pothead

wow...thats ignorance in Its purest form...You do realize that you're insulting a plant right?
by asdfsa September 15, 2006
okay look alot of people think weed is a drug that will make you go completely brain dead, but i know from first hand experience that it's not. When you do it ya you tend to forget things but eventually you remember it agian and after the effects have worn off you go right back to normal. It doesnt make you an idiot who will never accomplish anything it all depends on your personality, if you are generally lazy person to begin with ya your grades will be low duhh what do you expect but i know several HUGE stoners that go to school high and still get 4.0s and it's not because they take a bunch of easy classes either! My cousin smokes all the time and you know what, she's gorgeous, great personality, perfect feonce, and she maintains an above average life, her mother is very successful and guess what she smokes weed! My father also smokes alot, he's 50 years old, has his own business, owns 4 cars, 5 boats, 3 houses, and holds the greatest partys in town! He's is loved by everyone So there just because you smoke weed you will not become a lifeless idiot, it helps for pysical as well as emotional pain, although you shouldnt smoke it just because you're depressed, me and almost all my friends smoke, some of us are honor roll students, others not so much, we are from different "cliques" and we all get along because of smoking. We are more likely to stay out of trouble when high then when we're sober. Imbrace the fact that weed is here to stay, it always will be and always has been so dont tell me it should be looked down upon and is for idiots! Now that i've finished my homework and chores i'm off to smoke so weed with my friends and injoy life. I LOVE LIFE AND I LOVE WEED!!!
Drunk: "you stonarsss are so stupid!Weed is gay ad if i see it on you i'll fcuk yo up!"
Stoner: "Chill man, it's all good!"
drunk gets in car, crashes a mile later and dies
stoner gets in car, stares at the road and concentrates so hard on the road he zones everything else out he returns safely home and lives a great and happy life!
by Normal person who loves weed! March 20, 2007
an object of natural origins, beneficial to mankind, made illegal to stifle competition with artificial, man-made objects, structures, and systems, of which legalization would cause politicians to lose financial support from vested interests, while at the same time free a country from slavery in the form of systems cloaked in the legitimacy of law.
1. Marijuana is a weed.
2. Vioxx is not a weed.
3. That statin drug, Lipitor is an anti-weed.
4. Thank goodness natural butter is not a weed.
5. Saturated fats like tallow and coconut are quasi-weeds: not illegal, but using it may cause you to be the subject of lawsuits by groups who honestly or dishonestly believe they are harmful.
6. as opposed to anti-weed: an object of artificial origin, harmful to mankind, made more harmful by legal structures and systems that stifle or outlaw the use of alternative objects that are beneficial. It is an object that sustains the livelihood of politicians, lobbyists, and particularly powerful big businesses, while at the same time enslaves a country to the dictates of interests shrouded in the legitimacy of law.
by yerrago February 19, 2005
mind enhancement herb, noted for it's 3 main effects: hungry, happy, sleepy. basically its the shit
i gotta smoke one when i wake up, smoke to go to sleep, all the true weed smokers gotta smoke before they eat
Young Buck, Puff Puff Pass
by cheesey guy September 23, 2008
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