Weed, or Marijuana, can commonly be refered to another definition. An unwanted plant in your lawn.

Most people claim the drug to be harmless, and many say it has never killed anyone. That would be partially true.

The most active chemical in "weed" is THC, which attaches itself to nerves at the back of your brain, leading to the "high" people enjoy so much out of this drug.

The high itself basically makes you happy, according to several people here. It helps you with your problems, they claim, when actually, it doesn't.

Those bills putting you down? Smoke some weed they say! When you come back to reality, those bills are still there. And wait, they are late, because you were too busy getting stoned to pay them off.

While the drug has never killed anyone, it has resulted in aiding deaths around the world. Several people (or stoners as most fellow smokers refer to them as) who have commited suicide had traces of THC in them. Normal stoners like those who continue to add definitions to this listing, claiming it to be a harmless past time.

While this can be easily avoided with common sense and good friends with you, what can not be avoided is THC. As it continues to build up around your nerves, it begins to take effect on your brain, with depression and schizophrenia following.

Oh, and just so you know, a joint is equal to 20 cigarettes, with 50% more carcinogens then everyday tobacco. So yes, it is as harmful, if not more harmful, then cigarettes, according to the British Lung Foundation.
Weed is hype, and nothing more. I expect many stoners to read this, realize I am right, and give me thumbs down because they can not face reality, and that their only hobby is slowly draining them of life and emotion.
by Jimbo_Jimmy September 28, 2005
Drug that may seem great at first but it is proven that if young people smoke it , it will alter your brains and they will never return the way they were , and it has been proven it causes skitzophrenia and many other mental illnesses , dont listen to the people advising it on this site as it will destroy your brain and your life
idiot:Lets smoke weed
Intelligent person: No thanks , Id rather stay sane.
by FCUKIN CHAVS October 12, 2005
a plant which ppl smoke to get high. anyone who smokes this is a fucking retarted asshole. destroys most of your brain cells until your a drooling, braindead, fucking, idiot. peopl think its very cool and they HAVE to do it. when i see someone smoking weed because they think its cool, i want to punch them hard, in the neck.
Braindead asshole #1- yo, lets smoke weed yo.

Braindead asshole #2- yea cool bro, i dont care about my brain or having the ability to think.
by ┬┐jesusman? August 11, 2006
What losers who can't face reality do. Oh yeah, and It DOES hurt you. It causes cancer. People who smoke weed need to get lives and make something of themselves.
Don't do drugs kids!
A plant that contains THC that when smoked, causes brain damage, lung cancer, and other serious health problems. It's addicting and impairs normal functions of everyday life. It's more dangerous than alcohol and if people would stop smoking it, there would be fewer crimes and more healthier population.
I'm not smoking weed because I want to be healthier, live a productive life, not be addicted to a substance, and keep my job.
by miguelice December 16, 2008
main ingridient is THC, a dried plant that is smoked by a person. These people that smoke it will become high and have temperary pleasure. These people has no life and dont care what happens. Very addicted substance
"I got high from smoking weed last night man.."
by chiseenjaui July 29, 2005
All you monkeys can do your acis and weed and coke in your pipe and shove it up your asses cause it will ruine your life like it did mine
"Git er done"
Dawg: come on lets smoke some good shit.

Oscar: That shit is dumb and if u make me do it i will kick all ur asses because that shit is just dumb
"Git er Done"
by Oscar December 21, 2004

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