The BesT Damn Thing in This WORLD! It makes you feel so good eventho it smells bad. its the best feeling ever if u dont smoke weed then theres something wrong with you becuz its so damn go0d MICK"S smokes it look up the word mick
Guy2: YES i do
GUy1:omg pass the blunt!!
Guy2: yeah i will
by POTSMOKER420 February 25, 2005
weed- a drug. no way aroung it. it impares your judgement and is addictive. some people might say its totally good, but those people are just addicts who want to do it more and legally. Just imagine a world where everyone went home after work and got high. Scary vision. Drugs can be all natural. some argue that its all natural so its good. so is canstor beans, and all it takes is a few molecules to kill you.
Druggie: dude, we should totally make pot legal. id love to smoke more and get high and drive
Smart person: dude, weed makes you impared and it is addictive. It can rule peoples lives if they become addicted to it. its just a bad idea.
Druggie: but its all natural like spinach.

Smart person: so is poison oak and its bad for you.
Druggie:but i can smoke more
Smart person:mabey you should quit

Druggie: no man...imma keep mooching off my friends
by dontsmoke October 07, 2009
weed is the only thing i can think of (besides other drugs) that can turn an honors student into a druggie dropout. If you want to escape your problems for a few hours, workout, drink, sleep, cut, run, swim, mastrabate, or watch pirated movies on the internet. Ive tried drugs and if your a newby and never got high, dont do it. just dont. get drunk or do something constructive like workout. honestly dont.
friend after summer: dude, i got high on weed.

me: didnt you apply to harvard and got accepted???

Frend: ya but i just wanna do drugs.....

me: try workn out... it gets you buff not high....

friend: loser.

me: ok but in 5 years say that
by DONT DO DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!! November 19, 2009
A mild hallucinogen that gives a since of good well being, strange thinking and makes shitty food taste great..but unfortunatly it takes you down a road that leads to either lame rich kids, the gutter, or the pen..and weed isnt strong enough to make you feel good about the fact you are shitting out pancakes because Tyrone keeps pounding your asshole
Dude wanna go smoke some weed?

by TribalSkull078 November 01, 2007
It means when something is broken or junk. Done with or over
Holy fuck look at Ben he drank so much Beer tonight, he's fucken weeds.

I blew up my car at the race track that fuckers weeds.
by Justin Rickert December 21, 2006
A type of plant that grows on the yards of people. People also pull weed out of their yards so they can smoke it.
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
I plant that is all too common around the globe, that is smoked by bored teenagers and bored adults. Defended by more frequent users as either God's greatest gift to man-kind since glass and thumbs, or a safer substance than cocaine or meth. This type of defense is what makes everybody think we are baboons.

The affects of weed varies with every person, but generaly euphoria and calmness follows after you are high. But it makes my legs twitch.
Bah, If I can't get weed by Friday, I just may have to do something productive.

Luis is something of weed leech, but he has nice hair.

This weed compliments my 24-pack of pudding cups very nicely.

by Yelsmirg March 19, 2006
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