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Weed can either bring peace or dreaded gives you an effect that is a little bit more pleasent than getting drunk. Sometimes the craving of weed can destroy the need to love and be loved...weed becomes the love, and of course other stoners are your "lovers" but the relationship only goes as far as the weed goes besides from the weed stoner relationships are dull. Used sometimes immaturaly by naive teenagers...weed is good for you if used right used too much can make your life a fantasy world. Sometimes people say weed brings peace and weed is the andswer to all lives questions....this is just an insecurity effect, for some people, they turn to weed because they are insecure. Weed destroys true love between two intelligent people if one falls for weed more than they notice how lucky they are to have a beautiful person to love them. Weed can be a medicine or a demon that will eat away your sanity....weed also takes harsh effect on you for the smoke is extreamly strong it will make you look like shit if you smoke it for more than 5 years. If you want to remain beautiful strong sexy and intelligent weed is best not for you.
Weed destroys your pleasure glands...therefore the sex gets worse the more you smoke....
by Slim Tim June 09, 2006
52 150
card game that is usually played by stoners...while getting stoned
kristin! lets play another game of weed!!!
by Nikki September 25, 2003
28 129
stupid leaves that you smoke that gets you all messed up so you look like a fucking dip shit in front of your family. it also makes you look like a blind bum that doesnt know where he/she's going to do with their life.
hey! look at that guy wobbling all over the place! he's gonna die soon! i think he's smoking weed.
by rachelkk May 05, 2008
25 137
short for "dickweed"
That dude is a fucking weed...
by DMZ January 28, 2003
28 181
Posseses what we logical thinkers call the working man.
If you smoke weed you probably don't know what I just said.
by JM March 04, 2005
41 201
wigger's feed......hence the word WEED
Damn that wanksta kevin does smoke lotta weed.
by OgaBoga April 28, 2003
34 208
Weed, or Marijuana, can commonly be refered to another definition. An unwanted plant in your lawn.

Most people claim the drug to be harmless, and many say it has never killed anyone. That would be partially true.

The most active chemical in "weed" is THC, which attaches itself to nerves at the back of your brain, leading to the "high" people enjoy so much out of this drug.

The high itself basically makes you happy, according to several people here. It helps you with your problems, they claim, when actually, it doesn't.

Those bills putting you down? Smoke some weed they say! When you come back to reality, those bills are still there. And wait, they are late, because you were too busy getting stoned to pay them off.

While the drug has never killed anyone, it has resulted in aiding deaths around the world. Several people (or stoners as most fellow smokers refer to them as) who have commited suicide had traces of THC in them. Normal stoners like those who continue to add definitions to this listing, claiming it to be a harmless past time.

While this can be easily avoided with common sense and good friends with you, what can not be avoided is THC. As it continues to build up around your nerves, it begins to take effect on your brain, with depression and schizophrenia following.

Oh, and just so you know, a joint is equal to 20 cigarettes, with 50% more carcinogens then everyday tobacco. So yes, it is as harmful, if not more harmful, then cigarettes, according to the British Lung Foundation.
Weed is hype, and nothing more. I expect many stoners to read this, realize I am right, and give me thumbs down because they can not face reality, and that their only hobby is slowly draining them of life and emotion.
by Jimbo_Jimmy September 28, 2005
152 386