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the stupid things that grow in your grass and make it look like a poor persons lawn.
i hate these fuckin weeds!
by diseased sheep August 17, 2005
An herbal essence

FYI, Did You Know?
In Canada, it's mandatory for everyone between the ages of 13 and death to light up at least 1/4 Oz a week. There is also a minimum of 2 papers per joint (equivalent of 1 Philly Wrap). It is recommended that you carry extra weed as the RCMP (Royal Canadian Marijuana Pinchers) are known to confiscate your weekly supply. Every Sunday, which is the day Canadians pray to the Holy Plant, Urine Samples must be given to determine the amount of THC in your body. If your THC level falls below 0.58 your Daily Prostitute privileges are taken away and are forced to wear a sign that reads, " I'M A FUKKIN LOSERRRRRRRRRRR"
Person 1: Ey man how much weed you smoke this week?
Person 2: None at alll man i been sik with pneumonia
Person 1: Hello, 911!?!!Come quick there's a pussy on the
911: Huh??..o shit thats rite, ummmm.. call back in like 5 min ok buddy...yoooo, relaxx Lieutenant!! stop bein such a roach killer..{Click}
by drizzo613 June 27, 2006
weed is what i need and so do you we'll pack it up till its full and hit that shit more than a few we'll be so high talk we'll this like and laugh all damn night
trying i'm to straight talk
by you drink pp March 27, 2003
the best plant ever. dont call it a drug its not its a plant. people say its a drug cause they wanna keep it illegal. i doesnt kill u and it doesnt make u kill other people so who gives a fuck. the only people who dont like it are the ones who have never tried it. the only thing i dont like about it are the prices its ridiculous where i am $10 a dime for the middie shz. but w/e it chills me out. once a person is high its the best time to talk to cause they're chilled enough to listen and unlike with alcohol will eventually remember what u said. also how often to u hear of car crashes with high drivers almost never because after smoke time comes chill time and after chill time its snack time ha bitch. no one likes driving high its too much work. chill out smoke a couple blunts its only illegal if u get caught. enjoy life and live while u can
stoner1: pass that shit man before u kill it
stoner2: damn that weed is good. chronic?
by ifeellikedying July 23, 2008
what people smoke to get high and have fun and piss off the church bastards
smoke weed every day
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
A plant that God himself put on this earth for us to harvest and enjoy. Smoking weed personally does cure a lot of things. It removes pain from headaches to bruises. When having a stressful time or love problems , smoke some weed and you will feel better. 100% Natural, Mother Natures Finest Herb, tests proven that Alcohol and cigarettes are more dangerous then Weed. This is not a drug (in my opinion), this is cure to a lot of things and cure to the society of violence. Not addictive at all but some people Depend on weed to get them through the days. This is not an addictive substance but if you depend on weed to help you get through a normal day then you will be mentally addicted to Weed.
Why cant everyone just stop everything and puff on some weed? It will get things to be so much peaceful and just listen to lil wayne
by weedsmoker491 April 27, 2009
an amazing thing, something that helps create love and keep peace.
causes chronic munchies, only bad side affect is "the dries" not "pasties" the dries, where your mouth loses the ability to salivate.
im stressed, i need to score some weed.
by RaiiRawr_pianomouse : ) August 21, 2008