God's gift to the world. Brings peace when used wisely.
Pass the blunt, dude.
by AYB March 25, 2003
What Steve carries on him in school.
$5 for a bag of weed
by Steve W. June 05, 2003
Probably one of the most earliest used drugs in the world dating back to 10,000 B.C. Many people think it is a bad drug to do but i think it is probably one of the most safest, it has to been said to be less harmful them alcohol or cigarettes if vaporized. The main ingrediant is THC, this chemical has been scientificaly proven to help prevent the start of cancer and brain disbilities such as, alzheimers, MS, parkinsons to say a few. Many people are stereo typing the use of "weed" as a drug that people use and it will totaly fuck up their brains and lives because they probably have no life or they think they're cool, but i have never known anyone that smokes weed just to be cool, most people do it because its a fun experience to do with your friends. Many people say that it is equal for 1 joint is equal to 8 cigarettes, i do say that is true, but the THC that goes into your cells helps them regenerate faster, so if u smoke it, your lungs heal faster and the THC can also help age the cells before they have the chance to become cancerous, and also really slow down the rate at which cancer cells multiply. Have you ever heard of someone dying from marijuana before? NO, because there has never been a recorded death in the history of medical science relating to the use of marijuana, and the only way to die from an overdose on weed is to smoke 1500 pounds of it in under 14minutes. Most people say that "omg it totaly fucks up your brain so you become a brain dead TOMATO", im sure most people know that isnt true, people think they become brain dead because when smoking weed constantly the THC sticks to your nerves, neurons, and brain cells, when you stop smoking the the THC saps your concentration and motivation which can last for a couple of days, if you smoke weed conatantly the THC stays longer and you stay sapped for longer periods of time.THC has neuroprotective antioxidants, which helps prevent brain cancer and brain disorders. So dont really listen to all of those DARE people because to tell you the truth they really dont know wtf they're talking about, in my own opinion the only way weed can totaly fuck up your life is if you get caught with it and you dont get a well paying job cause no big companies will hire you because you have a drug record. But i dont know why most of the countries in the world have it illegal, because even if they do make it legal, the goverment can vaporize most of the weed all clean of the bad chemicals and tar, and they will get soo much money from tax payers if it is legalized.
"D.A.R.E"- dont do weed, it'll fuck up your brain

"timmy"- no it wont
by wwwert August 09, 2008
STuff you mainly smoke, but can be used in different ways. the only recdorded death as a consequence form weed, was when a 7 tone crate of it, fell on someone in a docking yard. lmao.
i just snoked some weed.
by Steve white July 11, 2005
i love it!
it makes me feel happy!
"My boyfriend and i tried to rape each other last time we smoked weed."

by Kattttiiiiieee March 27, 2008
A plant that could bring about world peace.
In the northeast, the best places to get weed are from New York or from Vermont. California nug is legendary. If you are from Fairfield County, you are probably a weed connesieur.
When you're high, you never stop smiling.
Why it's illegal is completely beyond me.

also see:
dank headies

avoid beasters or schwag
So what if I'm smokin' weed onstage and doing what I gotta do? It's not me shooting nobody, stabbing nobody, killing nobody. It's a peaceful gesture and they have to respect that and appreciate that.
-Snoop Dogg
by mlife March 02, 2006
fine tasting drug smoked as a blunt.
Dude pass the f***in' Blunt!
by Ste March 01, 2005
All those people saying weed is for morons, losers, escapists, etc... have obviously never smoked it before. It does give you temporarily release from the world, from your problems... It gives you time to think things over, look at things from a different perspective. It's true, smoking one joint is equal to 20 cigarettes, that's why you shouldn't do it daily, 2-3 times a week max. Myself I smoke weed usualy once a week, twice if i'm lucky ;), and I smoke with a friend that I hold very dear, we laugh alot, say alot of crazy stuff, and it only braught us closer together. So everyone saying 'weed is for pathetic losers who can't face their lives' should think again, and shouldn't speak before they have smoked theirselves...
-A friend in need is a friend indeed
A friend with weed is better
by ThomasDC July 14, 2008

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