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God's gift to the world. Brings peace when used wisely.
Pass the blunt, dude.
by AYB March 25, 2003
Something that has been taken over by stupid lazy rich kids who only use it to get smashed and try and look "cool." It was widely used in the 60s by singers and artists, but now is so widespread that anyone can get it and that makes me sad. In my city, it is all the rich kids who smoke it, because they like to get smashed all the time. And hey--if you fail a course, their doctor father will bail them out.
The girls and guys in my dorm who attended private school smoke weed because they think they're super cool, when in reality, they are annoying racist capatalist posers.
by sarah86 March 22, 2007
The worst thing in the world, very addidcting and makes peoples lives horrible, one should never do it, and peoples lives have been made shit becuase of this drug. And any one who does this is gay has no life and all around sucks !!!
You look like shit.... you must do weed!
by Matt J. W. June 21, 2009
a word that people who smoke pot use and used by pussies who wish they smoked weed and pretend to on the internet cuz there pussies
I smoke weed pass me that there green joint dank thing
by tuna May 16, 2003
leaves that gets you high, and give you super natural powers!makes you want to fuck (if you get the good kind)
me:puff puff pass asshole!
nikki:wait i aint got the munchies yet!
me:lets go skinnydipping and drowned eachother!
nikki:ok but before that i have to shit and eat some cookies!
me:bring the dutch bitch
nikki:of course we have to smoke that pound before we try and kill each other
me:roll it up hoe
nikki:i did while i was talkin to your dad
nikki:(puff...puff...puff)here skank
me:i have a better idea lets go to the mall and steal some shit and sell some weed for $10 a nic and buy some more MJ
nikki:lets go
by chelsey March 17, 2005
It’s a plant dat gets u fucked! Wn eva u feel stressed out & shit, go 2 a shotta & buy a packet of bennerz & cotch.

Fuk der gretz! Smoke sum real shit!

Always hve munchiez on u b4 u bun, lyk a packet ov skittles or a fizzy drink (fanta).

If u dn’t no ow 2 roll up… dn’t bva tryn! Cz you’ll fuk up!

It moongs u out & makes u feel num n shit! WIKED FEELIN’! J

God gve da plant so y nt smke it?
Brv... Friday ws BIG! Dat ws sum gd shit man! Brv! Wre da fuk u gt weed lyk dat 4rm? U SIK MAN!
by rizwaan latif April 14, 2006
1. A drug that everything thinks is cool to use, but in reality, it's one of the most retarded things that only dirtballs use, and people who have no job and have no scense of hygene or respect.

2. A plant that grows in gardens, usually not favored by people who wish to keep their gardens living.
Person one: Woah dude, you want to smoke some weed?
Person 2: Fuck no, you dirtball!

Person 1: Wow, nice garden you got there!
Person 2: Thanks, but keeping the weeds away is hard work!
by The Dirty Pirate Whore July 10, 2008
stupid leaves that you smoke that gets you all messed up so you look like a fucking dip shit in front of your family. it also makes you look like a blind bum that doesnt know where he/she's going to do with their life.
hey! look at that guy wobbling all over the place! he's gonna die soon! i think he's smoking weed.
by rachelkk May 05, 2008
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