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When one cuts the top of a tea bag off, puts finely broken marijuana nuggets (break up very thoroughly, near shake for best results. Also, don't put some amount of a one hitter bowl in, that will do nothing, be generous for best results. If you feel the need to, you can put the stems and seeds in, although I don't) in the emptied out tea bag, then folds the top down and staples it to make sure no weed gets out and puts it in one's favorite tea/coffee cup. Whilst doing this, boil water as hot as possible for best results, then pour it into the cup with the weed tea bag in it. Quickly put a plate over the top of the cup to keep the steam in (the weed needs to be in the hottest water possible for a long time to get as much THC out as possible). Remove the plate after 10-15 minutes. Let chill for 5 minutes. Add honey or milk, or lemon juice, or simply drink plain. Then after drinking all of it, smoke a bowl of the weed in the tea bag, and you will be succesfully baked. Now enjoy your "green" tea!
oh god, after drinking that weed tea and smoking that bowl from the tea bag, I'm fucking obliterated.
by jamesyy. September 05, 2007
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