a girl who socializes with you for the luxory of smoking your weed. May feign interest in you for weed also. Basically the reason she hangs out with you is to get smoked up.
Those fucking weed sluts just bounce right after we smoke they asses up. Fuck them!
by Kendra & Sarah & Kristi February 18, 2006
(Noun) 1. See first definition. 2. A woman who is willing to sleep with a person that they know has large amounts of marijuana.
Person A: That bitch last night let me get all kinds of unbiblical on her ass.

Person B: Yeah, that bitch was all down after she saw your QP. Having some weight always gets them weed sluts soppin'.
by Miller Andrew October 27, 2013
-someone who actively looks to place themselves in 'positions' to smoke weed

"Johnny, why are you hanging out with those people? You're such a weedslut!"
by Kelsea, Abs, Tyler, Dave November 28, 2007

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