The greatest thing ever! The sacred wee-woo is the word that ALL people should follow in order to become better people. It's founders are Ethan Pyle and Brandon Dixon. They are the holy men of the wee-woo.
Brandon: Wee-woo!!!
Ethan: Wee-woo mothafucker!!!
3rd Party: Wtf are you guys talking about?
by suck my dick, cockface! April 18, 2005
Top Definition
Said by Patrick in the Spongebob episode "Hall monitor" Wee woo expresses great emotion, in Patrick's case it is fear. It is also the sound that police officers make when they do not have sirens. Or like Patrick are scared and say it to remind themselves that they are tough police officers :D
Cop: I have no gun, Wee Woo
Villian: Oh shit u b a cop.. Wee woooo
by Doctorsdoctor December 09, 2010
Wee woo is the sound a siren makes. It is used in jest, to make fun of police cars, fire engines, ambulances, anything with a siren, really. Popularized by short films.
Jay: Haha, the principal's about to bust those two stoners!

Andy: wee woo, wee woo, wee woo!
by Sir Tyler April 29, 2006
The sound that sirens make.
Innocent bystander: A siren! That must mean there has been a fire.

Criminal: A siren! I'd better run!
by a really evil person March 08, 2006
The word weewoo means a stupid or a dumb person.
That person is a complete weewoo.
by peek-a-boo September 24, 2004
An ambulance,
or an emergency.
He broke his arm, and then the wee woo came.
by Abnels September 15, 2008
1. The emotion you feel when you are stuck in a awkward position and you have nothing else to do.
2. The sound you make when you know you are gonna get pwned.
1. When Jim Kevin is living life with a "ahem ahem".
2. When Spongebob is stuck in a mailbox and Patrick is his siren.
3. Chuck Norris' foot is heading to your face, WeeWoo!!!
by ADD808 May 04, 2009
wee woo is like greeting someone like hello
"wee woo wut are you up to?"
by Stefani June 22, 2003
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